30th anniversary of Operation Desert Storm and women military achievements featured in recent webcasts

Destination Midway, hosted by our ship’s historian, Karl Zingheim, continues to build up steam with amazing guests and engaging and interactive discussions.

Launched in September 2020, the livestreamed webcasts feature fascinating stories about the Midway as well as naval and general military history.

In February, broadcasting live from the ship’s Tactical Flag Command Center, Karl revisited the role the USS Midway played as the flagship for naval aviation operations in the Persian Gulf 30 years ago during Operation Desert Storm.

Karl welcomed guest panelists who were directly involved in the conflict including retired Capt. Jim Reily, who was the Midway’s supply officer; former astronaut and now U.S. Senator, retired Capt. Mark Kelly, who flew A-6 Intruder attack aircraft from the deck of the Midway; retired Capt. Jim Burin, who was Midway’s air wing commander; and retired Capt. Dan Hacker, who served as the operations officer for Carrier Group Seven on the USS. Ranger.

“Desert Storm was the first real significant conflict we had as a nation, especially in regard to an air war, since the Vietnam War,” said Kelly, who flew 39 combat missions over Iraq. “This was a pivotal point in our country’s history when we were trying to defend an ally who was under attack. That whole experience defined what it meant to be a leader in a challenging time and I try to take some of those lessons as I went forward throughout my career.”

March’s webcast paid tribute to the achievements of women serving in the Navy as part of the salute to Women’s History Month.  A panel of retired and active duty women leaders engaged with Karl in a spirited conversation about the strides women have made serving in the Navy and opportunities for the future.

A panel of retired and active-duty Navy women participated in the Women’s History Month webcast in March

Joining Karl were retired Capt. Jo Dee Jacobs, former commander on U.S. Naval Forces Marianas; retired Capt. Veronica Armstrong-Evans, who was a director in the Navy Nurse Corps and the current chair of the Midway’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee; retired Cmdr. Karen Brasch, a former helicopter pilot; and Command Master Chief Valissa Tisdale, the current CMC at Navy Region Southwest.

“I didn’t have to become a command master chief,” said Valissa, reflecting on the importance of her leadership role. “I did it because I think I owe it to the sailors, to help them get to where the need to be and get them on the right track.”

“I feel the options are unlimited for a young woman or any person joining the military,” said Veronica.

Destination Midway will continue with new and exciting webcasts, so stay connected to Midway’s social media channels to learn when they are scheduled.

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