Season 3 of the USS Midway Museum docuseries, United Stories of America, will soon be available on the museum’s YouTube Channel.

 This year’s six-part series will consist of five-to-10-minute videos that will profile the USS Midway as a floating city at sea. Interviews with former crew members will show what it took to run the massive ship from top to bottom. From the commanding officer on the bridge to the sailor down in the boiler room, and everything in between, United Stories will tell rich and engaging stories of the extreme operating conditions on a 70,000-ton aircraft carrier.

United Stories of America is underwritten by USAA. The three-year project exports the inspirational museum-visitor experience to the web, educating and inspiring people around the world.

Capt. Larry Ernst was the last commanding officer of the USS Midway.
Howard Breitenfeld served in the USS Midway’s air department in the late 1940’s.
“Rear Adm. Larry Chambers commanded the USS Midway from 1975 to 1976.
Roger Ryon was a fighter pilot on the USS Midway during the 1970s.

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