want you to know how HONORED I am to serve you and how deeply all of us on Midway care about you. We are beyond thankful on how YOU really stepped up during the scary times when the pandemic first hit. 

Did you know that YOUR Membership fees were pretty much the only revenue we received for months and months? Did you know that YOU Members continued to renew your Memberships even knowing you couldn’t visit us? 

Ordinarily, our bank account has money from ticket purchases as we have thousands of visitors each day, but we had no guests – NONE. 

Ordinarily we have revenue rolling in from the many hundreds of amazing private special events that we coordinate, but we had no events – NONE. 

Ordinarily, we have fees coming in from our terrific education and overnight programs, but we had no students – NONE. 

But YOU, you never wavered. You continued to care deeply. Hell’s bells, many of you even donated more to help us literally stay afloat! I am filled with so much thankfulness. Please know that ALL of us at the USS Midway Museum are.

I am deeply grateful. People’s hearts shine through when things get tough. I am moved by your gracious support and kindness to YOUR Midway — time and time again. 



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