Ensuring the USS Midway Museum continues to enhance the onboard guest experience, the museum recently completed technology upgrades to both the Battle of Midway Theater and the Screaming Eagles virtual reality attraction.

Installed in 2015, the show-system video servers for the theater were reaching their end-of-life cycle. During the replacement, it was determined that the new servers wouldn’t operate optimally with the current audio systems and that a reprograming of the show controls was required.

“Technology advances at light speed,” said Mark Berlin, Midway’s director of operations. “The theater is a show system based on constantly-evolving technology, and when bits of the system have to be replaced, it sometimes affects the component compatibility of the entire system.”

With the theater closed for several weeks to rework the show system, Midway’s exhibits team decided to also evaluate the projectors. The two main show projectors were also getting close to the end of their service life. It was determined that it made sense to switch to a single laser-type projection system.

“We also did away with the two hologram projectors and replaced them with an LED panel solution that greatly improved the hologram image quality,” said Mark. “Making these technology upgrades gives us a more reliable, simpler, and easier to maintain system overall.”

These changes will also save Midway more than $350,000 in projector-bulb replacement costs over the next 10 years. 

“The theater is one of our most powerful visitor experiences and with this investment, we will continue to deliver the highest-quality experience possible,” said Mark. “This was a smart long-term commitment to our guests.”

While the theater was upgraded, the museum’s virtual reality (VR) attraction, Screaming Eagles, was also refreshed. Three new virtual reality transporter bases and the attraction’s control system were replaced. This upgrade provides for more reliable operations and increased content capacity in the future.

A new truss system and a more dynamic backlit graphics panel were also installed giving the Screaming Eagles VR aircraft carrier experience a more up-to-date look.

“Our theater and VR experience are extremely popular with our visitors,” said Mark. “It’s imperative that both continue to operate at peak performance.”

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