As exclusive presenting sponsor of Midway’s STEM education Distance Learning Field Trip programs, Midway’s Damage Control Shipboard Engineering program, the popular Math on Midway Student Tour app, and Midway’s new Introduction to Computer Science program, Qualcomm Incorporated’s support has elevated and helped improve many Midway education initiatives. This is all in addition to partnering with Midway to support the No Child Left Ashore scholarship fund and exclusive presenting sponsorship of Midway’s Veterans Day Celebration.

During the 2022-23 last school year, more than 23,250 students and teachers participating in 850 programs, and more than 1,000,000 Midway visitors through Midway patriotic-themed public special events and other experiences have been engaged, inspired, and educated through Qualcomm’s collaboration with Midway.

“The width and breadth of Qualcomm’s collaboration has had an extremely valuable, positive impact on the lives of thousands of students studying STEM around the country and especially here in San Diego,” said Wayne Nuzzolo, Midway’s school programs manager. “Thanks to Qualcomm’s and other Midway education partners’ support, elementary and middle school students are learning the STEM principles that drive innovation and discovery.

“At Qualcomm, we know how important it is for students to participate in hands-on STEM experiences,” says Natalie Taitano, senior manager, government affairs, at Qualcomm Incorporated. “Through the magic of the Midway, students from all backgrounds get to have fun exploring the ship, while simultaneously gaining the skills and knowledge they need to become the next generation of technology leaders at companies like Qualcomm.”

Through this collaboration, Midway has been able to create and deliver Midway STEM education field trip experiences virtually to reach thousands of students and hundreds of classrooms in 31 states and counting.

Used in asynchronous learning, students use the Math on Midway app on mobile devices to hear stories of how sailors worked together as a team using math to solve everyday assignments and challenges. At stops throughout Midway including berthing, fo’c’sle, the galley, the flight deck and more, students are presented with, and required to solve, a math problem that specifically relates to the area they’re visiting.

Midway’s newest distance learning program, Introduction to Computer Science, teaches basic computer technology and shows how computers, computing systems, hardware, software, cybersecurity, and data analysis were used onboard Midway.

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