The USS Midway Museums Institute for Teachers (MIT) is delighted to announce the Midway Virtual Institute for 2021. All Midway Institute seminars will be online in 2021, offered from the last week in June through the end of July.

Seminars will be provided at no cost to teachers and will be held for two or three days, depending on the particular topics. One day webinars will also be offered.

The objective of the Midway Virtual Institute is to give teachers the opportunity to expand their knowledge of key issues about the Cold War, Vietnam War, Korean War, and World War II in the Pacific, including multiple interpretations, primary sources, and classroom strategies. All seminars will emphasize the inclusion of material suitable for classroom use.

Sessions will be held for approximately three hours each day, including talks by scholars and time for participants and scholars to interact. Each seminar will include a video tour of locations aboard Midway to showcase the ship as America’s premier aircraft carrier museum.

The seminar program gets underway with “Legacy of Protest” from June 29 – July 1. This will be an overview of the protest movements during the Cold War era (1960s and 1970s), with emphasis on the American civil rights, women’s rights, and Vietnam antiwar movements.

On July 6 – 8 we will offer “The Last Years of the War in Vietnam and its Aftermath,” reviewing the 1970s events leading to the end of America’s involvement in the Vietnam War, the collapse of South Vietnam in 1975, and the unification of the two Vietnams.

“The Global Cold War and its Impact in Developing Countries: Case Studies from Asia and Latin America” will be the topic for July 13 –15. This seminar will include five case studies, examining key questions, U.S. policies, and the internal dynamics of the countries involved.

July 20 –21 brings “The Visual Culture of the Cold War,” a review of posters, cover art, cartoons, video, propaganda, and other media images that can be used in the classroom to illustrate cultural changes.

Two single day webinars at the end of July round out the Midway Virtual Institute’s summer programs. On July 27, we will offer “Understanding North Korea,” analyzing the Kim family dictatorship and its military and nuclear capability. On July 28 we will have “World War II and the Rise of the Aircraft Carrier,” focusing on the aircraft carrier as the centerpiece of American naval strategy.

Additionally, from July 19 – 22, the Gilder-Lehrman Institute will offer an online seminar co-sponsored by Midway entitled “The Vietnam War.” This seminar covers the many years of war in Vietnam waged between 1940 and 1975.

All topics, schedules and speakers are subject to change due to possible COVID-19 disruptions.  For details and updates about the new Midway Virtual Institute for Teachers, or for teachers’ program registration, see the education section of the Midway’s website.

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