After a 10-month deployment to the Western Pacific and Persian Gulf, the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz returned to its homeport of Naval Station Bremerton, Wash.

However, before heading up to the great northwest, the carrier made a quick stop in San Diego to offload crew and equipment that belong to its airwing squadrons based in Southern California.

One Navy mom drove all the way to San Diego from Texas to see her son and his ship dock at Naval Air Station North Island. After finding her way to Navy Pier, Midway volunteer coordinator, Steve Suslik, and safe supervisor, Greg Guidance, brought her aboard the Midway to get the best view of the Nimitz entering Sand Diego Bay

Touched by their kindness, she sent this note of thanks

Hi Mr. Suslik,

It’s Melanie, crazy navy mom that camped in your parking lot for 2 days, haha.  I will never be able to thank y’all enough for this once in a lifetime experience.  I will cherish the memory of welcoming my son home from his very first deployment on the USS Nimitz from the views of the USS Midway.  Most memorable Proud Mama moment ever!!!  As I re-tell my story of this moment to everyone and anyone who will listen, know that I refer to all of you on the Midway as my Angels here on earth.  Y’all have Blessed me beyond measure.  

Please pass this message and my heart filled gratitude on to “Greg in Security”.  And please let him know that my son did see his signs on my car from the Nimitz looking through his binoculars ❤️❤️❤️ 

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart ❤️

Melanie (Super Proud Navy Mama)

Soon after their arrival, I jumped in my car and headed to Lemoore, CA to greet my son with the biggest hug ever!!!  These are the pics from Lemoore Friday night

Brazo Zulu to Steve and Greg for sharing the Midway Magic with a proud Navy Mom!

Kristian Matsumoto holds “Welcome Home” sign made by his mother.

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