Midway Currents Spring 2022


Greetings from the flight deck of the USS Midway, where we are once again hearing the excited voices of school children as they move about the ship. We are also getting very busy booking after-hour events as America emerges from its COVID coma and begins to return to normal. 

Additionally, we’re seeing our museum visitors return in larger numbers, and our hangar and flight decks are coming back to life for all of our San Diego residents and tourists alike. Midway Magic is alive and well, and we’re recovering and building towards the future.

In my last column, I talked about how fortunate we were to have survived the pandemic and still be on a solid financial footing, while maintaining a strong staff and seeing the return of most of our volunteers. 

As we begin to rebuild our programs to support the increase in demand, we are also beginning a very exciting future as we work to expand Midway’s footprint beyond the ship. I am very pleased to announce to our members and supporters, that we have begun work to build a park to honor veterans on Navy Pier which will extend around to the Bob Hope Memorial next to the Fish Market restaurant on the G Street Mole.

The Port of San Diego has begun work to finalize the shoring up of all of the pylons beneath the pier. When the Port is finished, hopefully within the next year, we will be ready to demolish Building 11 at the foot of the pier and begin building Freedom Park at Navy Pier. 

We will keep you all apprised as we begin our project, but I wanted you to know that we have finally achieved the consensus between the Port, the California Coastal Commission and Midway on the footprint for the future park. In fact, I just recently signed a memorandum of understand (MOU) with the Port to collaborate on the park’s construction. Once built, it will be the largest veterans park on the West Coast, and serve as an anchoring piece of San Diego for future generations. 

We have set an ambitious goal to schedule the ground-breaking ceremony to begin construction of the park in 2024, the 20th anniversary of the arrival of USS Midway to San Diego. It will be a great celebration for our entire city and a tribute to our veterans for centuries to come. 

Thank you all for your constant support.

Onward and upward,


What a wonderful welcome so many have extended me in my nearly first year – thank you! As the daughter of a Vietnam War veteran and a San Diego native, it is an honor to be a member of the USS Midway Museum family. 

The spirit of giving that I’ve experienced in my first year at Midway has been phenomenal. Your membership and generosity support Midway’s exceptional education programs, restoration projects, and new exhibits. Thank you for your on-going, unconditional commitment to Midway.

Yet mine isn’t the only new face in the department. Katie Andersen, who spent the last six years as Midway’s guest services manager, joins our team as the new membership manager. Previously with the San Diego Padres and New Children’s Museum, Katie is excited to begin building relationships with our members. We are truly thrilled to have her on board.

Karen Garst recently completed her 13th year as our membership coordinator – as a full-time volunteer. Yes, you read that correctly, a full-time volunteer. Karen is the heart and soul of this department and regales us with stories from Midway sailors, whom she loves connecting with every day. She is also the office baker and is adding to our waistlines with her amazing homemade goodies.

When my Foundation president predecessor, Dan Beintema, retired last year, he shared some insights with me that I’m seeing ring true every day – you won’t find a better culture of kindness, teamwork and selflessness among the staff, volunteers and members. 

What Dan did not share with me was our museum CEO’s affinity for the classic Disney song “Heigh Hi, Heigh Ho, It’s Off to Work We Go,” every time our world-famous docents head off on their daily shifts. And I mean every time. While that song may no longer be a “classic” here in our offices, it still motivates us to ensure the finest guest experience for all our visitors.

There’s no question that the pandemic has made the last two years on Midway more challenging, but it has also brought us new opportunities. We’ve had the chance to evaluate our resources, reimagine guest experiences, and take a fresh look at our fundraising priorities. One thing, however, that has remained constant during this time has been the incredible loyalty from our Midway Members. We can’t thank you enough.

I’m delighted to be part of the Midway Magic and I look forward to getting to know you.


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Emilie Zouhar

British efforts to take wheeled aircraft to sea in the First World War did not evade American scrutiny. English attempts to create the aircraft carrier impressed U.S. observers. Even at war’s end, the United Kingdom’s apparent commitment to a burgeoning fleet of aircraft-capable ships added to the pressure for an American aircraft carrier. 

Although technical limitations gave carrier opponents momentary heft, the threat of a future hostile Royal Navy able to assert command of the oceans’ sky became impossible to ignore. Likewise, opposition to the diversion of funds and resources towards such an experimental ship wilted when the prospect of a Japanese threat grew after the Treaty of Versailles doled out territorial rewards for Tokyo’s participation in the war.

The clinching argument for further advancing an at-sea aviation force was a practical demonstration of how aircraft could enhance battleship gunnery. In March 1919, the battleship USS Texas engaged in a training exercise using an observer

aircraft that wirelessly telegraphed fall of shot corrections in real time, resulting in an unprecedented accuracy. Although battleships could carry their own spotter aircraft as floatplanes, their performance limitations meant that protecting those planes, and denying the enemy its own, required wheeled fighter aircraft.

Not long after, studies of battles from World War I concluded that engaging enemy battleships from long range, producing a vertically plunging shell to defeat thinner deck armor, would be decisive. Only control of the sky could make that feasible.

On July 11, 1919, the U.S. Navy authorized the conversion of a 7-year-old collier, the USS Jupiter, into an aircraft carrier. Work began at the Norfolk Navy Yard, and on March 20, 1922, the first U.S. Navy carrier was commissioned as the USS Langley.

As a proof-of-concept platform, the Langley literally had her new aviation components superimposed over the hull of the former naval coal-transport ship. A full-length wooden flight deck sat upon a lattice network, while rigged nets served in place of catwalks. A single elevator lowered aircraft to the newly created hangar deck where a gantry crane then lifted the biplanes to a suitable open space. An untried flywheel catapult offered a method to getting the aircraft airborne, but the all-important landing system was still in development.

On Oct. 17, 1920, the first takeoff occurred, while designers continued work on the development a suitable arresting gear system. Eventually, cables strung across the new carrier’s flight deck to engage a dangling aircraft hook proved safe and efficient. The first landing on Langley took place a week later.

As a testbed, the Langley pioneered practical methods to operate aircraft around a warship. With the ship moving into the wind, and with the noise of the aircraft engines, a simple color-coded jersey system of identifying different flight deck crew made coordination simpler. One day, Langley’s executive officer, Cmdr. Kenneth Whiting, saw that a landing aircraft was too high and urgently waved his cap to warn the pilot off. Thus, the role of the landing signal officer (LSO) was invented.

In November 1924, the Langley arrived in San Diego as part of the major shift of the U.S. Navy assets to the Pacific. Although San Pedro was her official home port, the convenience of being pierside at Naval Air Station North Island made San Diego a familiar sight. The following year, Capt. Joseph Mason Reeves reported to North Island in command of the Navy’s operating aviation squadron.

Fresh from the Naval War College, Reeves was obsessed with how shipboard aviation could decisively enhance the battleship gunline. While operations aboard the Langley had been devoted to technical development and procedures, he demanded that the Langley demonstrate her combat potential. Astounded to hear that no more than eight aircraft had ever been embarked, Reeves upped the number to 14, and then, personally supervised a loadout of 42. In a lecture to the fleet’s pilots at North Island, he rhetorically stipulated there must be a “thousand and one questions” about what carriers could do, and they would find out together.

The Navy engaged in fleet-wide annual exercises to develop new concepts, and in 1928, the Langley carried out a surprise mock attack on Pearl Harbor. The promise of airpower at sea was now so compelling, that even battleship admirals were now pounding wardroom tabletops demanding the delivery of the next carriers. The immense USS Lexington (CV-2) and USS Saratoga (CV-3) joined the fleet in 1927. However, the “Covered Wagon,” as the Langley was nicknamed, had pioneered the way.