Very few people have had the honor of serving their Navy ship twice – once in uniform and again as a veteran.

As the USS Midway Museum celebrates its 20th anniversary, a small group of former crewmen of the aircraft carrier are now serving as museum volunteers sharing personal stories of their naval adventures on the high seas with millions of visitors every year.

For all of them, being back on Midway helps recall the joy they had on the ship while steaming the world’s oceans during its decades as a fleet carrier.

It’s been more than five decades since the last U.S. troops left Vietnam and the remaining prisoners of war departed Hanoi, but for many of the millions of military veterans that served during the conflict, the scars from the 20-year Vietnam War are still felt, both physically and mentally, even today.

To honor all those who served, and gave part or all of themselves during the Vietnam War, the USS Midway Museum held a commemoration ceremony on the flight deck that was attended by more than 450 people, mostly military veterans.