Summer is rapidly approaching and we could not be more excited here on Midway. It really is my favorite time of year on board the museum. Sunny days and beautiful evenings always mean great crowds, but this year promises to be our best summer to date. As we celebrate our 20th year, we look forward to recognizing our 20 millionth visitor in June. Look for anniversary events and merchandise to continue all this year. 

We will kick off the summer as we usually do – with the very popular Top Gun Movie Night on the flight deck on May 24. This event sells out quickly, so don’t miss your chance to see Top Gun Maverick at the best “fly-in” drive-in theater around. We have upgraded the event this year with more comfortable optional seating and improved food choices. 

One week later our newly restored island superstructure will again be open for public tours. During the six months of preservation work, we have touched literally every space on the island to include new decks, catwalks and radars aloft. The island restoration marks the largest single upgrade we have performed in the last 10 years and I can’t wait for all to see the final product our chief engineer, Len Santiago, and rehab lead, John Bentley, have created.

Memorial Day this year will be special for a couple of reasons. We will do our usual tribute on board to veterans which is always well attended. We are also thrilled to open a new exhibit and completely new area of the ship to visitors at that time. As many know, Midway has restored and opened more spaces than any other museum afloat, and that will continue this year with a brand new exhibit highlighting Midway’s engineers and all that they did to keep the ship moving, fighting and safe. This immersive and dynamic experience will be like no other exhibit we have created here on Midway. Besides learning about the unsung heroes that worked below decks, we will show how all sailors fought fires at sea, complete with a simulation of a damage control party at work. Finally, another new area will highlight firefighting efforts onboard aircraft carriers throughout U.S. naval history. This new exhibit is a “must see” for anyone interested in the inner workings of an aircraft carrier at sea.

As usual, the most popular and iconic event of the summer on Midway remains our 4th of July celebration. We have upgraded several things this year, to make this event even more memorable for our guests. It is truly amazing to watch all the different displays happening in the bay while enjoying great live music, food and friends. Please check our website for ticket information and be ready!

As I look back on my first year as your CEO, I could not be more proud of the team that brings Midway to life every single day. From our 800 volunteers to our 200 staff and vendor support professionals, every person remains dedicated to providing the very best guest experience possible. I have also very much enjoyed spending time with our members, who support our efforts and have become part of the Midway family. 

If any of the events listed above are of interest, remember that members get early access for almost everything aboard, including special behind-the-scenes tours not available to the public and a great steel beach picnic. 

Whether a Member or guest, I look forward to seeing you on board this summer.

It’s a great day on Midway!

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