The USS Midway Museum partnered with Anchor Audio at the end of 2023 to design state-of-the-art sound systems including wired and wireless microphones, weatherproof coverings, mixing consoles, and speakers for use while onboard the museum.

The systems support marketing and military special events, education programs, and the docent corps during tours and other experiences. 

Providing clear, adequate audio for Midway events that range from 25 to 2,500 people is difficult, especially in settings both indoor and outdoor. The salt air can also be very hard on electronic equipment.

“One of our biggest challenges is maintaining the audio equipment that is so important to delivering our launch and recovery docent talks for Midway visitors,” said Tom Caughlan, Midway’s docent training manager. “Anchor Audio not only provided us with quality sound equipment, but also maintains and repairs the systems they’ve provided. It’s a tremendous help for our docents.”

“Craig and I connected on resolving a simple product problem and it turned into a big project where we worked in tandem to address varying organizational needs,” said Glenn Busse, vice president of sales and marketing for Anchor Audio. “The best part was engaging directly with the Midway team is learning how they interface with visitors and deal with various crowd sizes and environments. They do amazing work every day.” 

An industry innovator and leader in all-in-one, battery-powered public announcement systems, Anchor Audio produces the highest quality portable sound systems made in the United States.

“Our guests are our first priority,” said Cheryl Carlson, Midway’s director of special events, “These systems will provide better onboard experiences for those attending Midway patriot-themed events as well as military commands holding onboard ceremonies. It’s really incredible to have such high-quality systems for our daily use.” 

Established in 1973, the San Diego-based manufacturer offers a full complement of wireless technologies for every sound application. Their product line serves more than 2,000 school districts, all branches of the military, government organizations, private businesses, and houses of worship. 

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