Midway Foundation president heads to greener pastures…literally!

Ever see the old TV SITCOM, ‘Green Acres’? New York city-slicker, Oliver, played by Eddie Albert, is a new-to-farming gentleman…and has all kinds of unanticipated issues pursuing his dream.

There is now a modern-day city slicker who has lived and worked in San Diego for most of his life and who long-ago became enchanted with farm life on the Iowa prairie: me. My large family has worked the fertile ground of the Midwest for generations and encouraged me to buy farmland there (check), and build a home for the future (double check). 

The dreams and plans for the future now coincide with the present, and as I write, final preparations are being made to transition my duties aboard Midway to my successor. She is Laura White Ludvik, a development professional, and she has served a number of great organizations in the greater San Diego area, including the Monarch School, La Jolla Country Day School and Support the Enlisted Project (STEP). I have had the pleasure of working with Laura in various capacities and am thrilled she will be joining the Midway team.

During my time aboard Midway, I have enjoyed being part of a number of museum projects and success stories, including introducing the Midway Foundation to the local and national communities. In its first five years of operation, the Foundation has made grants totaling more than $2.4 million to nearly 75 non-profit organizations serving veterans, military families and first responders. These grants have had enormous impact on those who protect and defend our freedoms both at home and abroad. Many thanks are due to those who made that happen, including hundreds of donors, the partnership with the museum, and the significant personal contributions of the Midway Foundation Board of Directors. 

The global pandemic threw some curveballs to Midway, but thanks to the very generous Midway family, donations in 2020 and early 2021 totaled more than three times what had been given in previous years. THAT is the Midway Magic we hear about, talk about and experience with this magnificent ship!

I offer my personal gratitude to our donors, our members, the amazing volunteer and docent corps, the membership and development department staff, my colleagues, both boards of directors, and to Mac McLaughlin for the chance to serve aboard Midway once again.

Admiral, I stand relieved.

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