In partnership with The San Diego High Foundation, the USS Midway Museum’s Knot Team awarded $2,000 “Bravo Zulu” scholarships to six San Diego high school students at the Foundation’s annual awards event.

The money for these scholarships is raised by the knot trinkets handcrafted by the museum’s knot-team volunteers and sold to Midway guests throughout the year.

“We are especially thrilled we were able to do this after missing 2020 because of COVID,” said Sara Hanscom, Midway’s education director. “Not only are the students provided a scholarship, they are also assigned an academic mentor from the knot team to help them with their studies.”

The scholarship program is coordinated by the Foundation with scholarships going primarily to students who choose career fields that give back to their community such as firefighters, nurses, teachers and other similar professions.

Scholarships recipients don’t have to go to a traditional four-year university or college. Students can also attend trade schools and community colleges.

“Thank you so much for providing me with such a great and unique opportunity through the scholarship awarded to me,” said Sean Monney, one of this year’s Bravo Zulu scholarship recipients. “This scholarship will help fund my schooling at City College, bringing me one step closer to starting my apprenticeship and eventually getting into the workforce. This scholarship has also provided me with more motivation to push forward and work hard.

A unique aspect of this scholarship is that students can reapply for up to four years as long as they are in school and, with the help of their knot-team mentor, maintain good grades.

“The recipients receiving the Bravo Zulu scholarships are impressive students who have already shown great educational drive and have shared their many talents with the community through volunteering and extra-curricular activities,” said Katie Andersen, Midway’s guest services supervisor and a scholarship mentor. “It’s truly an honor to support these deserving students at such an exciting chapter of their lives.”

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