After more than two years of restoration work at Naval Base Coronado, a fully-restored A-7 Corsair attack plane has returned to Midway’s flight deck.

“Our aircraft restoration team spent more than 2,000 hours bringing this plane back to life,” said Walt Loftus, Midway’s airwing director. “This is a great new aircraft exhibit for Midway guests to experience during a visit to the museum.”

The 50-year-old A-7 is on loan to Midway from the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Fla. 

The A-7 Corsair first flew in 1965 and was used by both the U.S. Navy and Air Force. Starting in 1967, the Corsair was deployed on various Navy aircraft carriers for combat missions during the Vietnam War. 

The A-7’s last wartime deployment was in 1991 during Operation Desert Storm flying combat missions over Iraq. After nearly 25 years of service, all over the world, the aircraft was retired from active military service in mid-1991.

“She was a workhorse for the Navy for many years, so it’s great to see her back on the Midway,” said retired Navy Capt. Gil Rud, a Midway docent who flew the A-7 for nearly 15 years. “She’s even painted in one of my old squadron’s colors.”

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