Dear Midway Members,

It’s been a pleasure getting to meet so many of you over the past few months through phone calls, emails and greetings on board. Whether you live down the street or across the country, what a wonderful feeling to be brought together through Midway Magic.

Through surveys and personal conversations, I’ve asked many of you what you love most about Midway? Thank you all for sharing your experiences as members. I wanted to also share my thoughts with you. 

What I love most about Midway hasn’t changed since my first day on board more than six years ago. What makes us special are the people who are part of this family and the stories they tell, and boy, can the Midway family tell a good story. Whether long or short, comedic or heartbreaking, truthful or embellished, every day on board feels like I’m sitting around a campfire, and I can’t wait for the next story to begin. 

Docents sharing about Midway’s rich history; Midway veterans standing in their old workspace remembering the laughter between shipmates; a volunteer sharing about a rewarding experience they had on board – these are the stories I love to take in and share with anyone who will listen. 

I’m thrilled to be starting a new chapter in my Midway story as your membership manager and I ask that you don’t be shy in sharing your stories with us.

What made you become a member? What Midway traditions do you most look forward to each year? We love the opportunity to get to know our members and your stories will continue to shape Midway’s future. 

Until we meet again, all our thanks for your continued support. I hope to see you on board soon! 

All the Best,


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