Greetings from the flight deck of the Midway where we are underway just like old times, well almost. We’ve been having a great summer so far as our visitors are returning, our school kids are back on the Midway campus and we’re once again very busy with our afterhours events schedule. I honestly believe that once our international visitation comes back, we’ll be setting new records for attendance.  

In the meantime, we continue to emerge from the pandemic and the future looks very bright.

I hope most of you got to see the coverage of the “Top Gun: Maverick” red-carpet fan experience on our flight deck. Tom Cruise landed on Midway in a helicopter and joined the other stars of the movie in an event unlike any other the museum had ever seen. The media-positive exposure for Midway was global.

Following this Hollywood extravaganza, we welcomed aboard some real heroes for our annual celebration of the victory at the Battle of Midway.

Vice Adm. Kenneth Whitesell, commander of the U.S. naval air force, and the other local flag officers hosted the grand celebration on our flight deck. This celebration commemorated the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Midway and also marked the centennial of Navy aircraft carriers.  

Aren’t we thankful for the 1922 commissioning of the USS Langley as America’s first aircraft carrier? It was only 20 years later that our carriers and their air wings would turn the tide of World War II in the Pacific at Midway Island. We were privileged to be joined at the anniversary celebration by two veterans of the Battle of Midway and many families of the heroes who witnessed the epic battle firsthand. 

We live in the greatest country in the history of mankind, and we are honored to present the defenders of our freedoms to our fellow Americans when they visit. Thank you for your continued support of our mission.  

Onward and upward


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