It’s summertime! What a joy to see visitors back and students enjoying your ship. 

In July, we’ve welcomed teachers from all over the United States as part of our Midway Institute for Teachers (MIT) program. Our Snooze Crewz Overnight Adventures are booked through the end of the year and we’re starting to see some international guests back on board. The ship is rocking!

Your membership and development departments are busy as well. We’re finalizing events for the remainder of this year and into 2023. We’re looking forward to bringing the popular Steel Beach Party back next year, as well as more behind-the-scenes tours and Live the Adventure dinner events. 

Planning is currently underway for our Midway veterans reunion in September. If you’re a former Midway sailor and have not received information about the Sept. 12-14 reunion, please reach out to Karen Garst to learn more at

Next year will also bring lots of progress on Freedom Park at Navy Pier, as the plans and permitting process are currently in the works. Midway is working closely with the Port of San Diego and California Coastal Commission to develop a plan that speaks to honoring our veterans and freedoms, complements the current Midway education programs and guest experiences, and provides green spaces for all San Diegans to enjoy on the bay. We’ll be sure to share exciting updates as they happen.

As always, let us know when your next visit is so we can say hello. Enjoy a healthy and fun summer.

Until next time,


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