Loma Media, a San Diego-based storyteller and creator of branded content, is once again partnering with the USS Midway Museum. Having previously created videos for the Midway American Patriot Award Gala and Midway’s education programs, Loma Media is now producing season four of United Stories of America.

The six-part series conceived of and developed as a means of sharing and chronicling historical stories of freedom and service, will debut this season’s first episode in early September with the remaining five episodes released approximately every two weeks following.

“All of us at Loma are excited to share more amazing stories from America’s longest serving aircraft carrier,” says Loma Media principal John DeBello, who will serve as the series writer and director. “Working with Midway over the past decade, we have been deeply impressed by both the legacy and ongoing mission of America’s Living Symbol of Freedom.” 

This season, the docuseries features compelling and inspiring stories of courage and sacrifice that are told by those who experienced them. Here’s a sneak peek at each episode.

Episode 1

RINGSIDE SEAT: At the battle that named USS Midway (CV-41). Young Rudy Matz was in the thick of the action at the most decisive naval action of World War II. His story frames an equally fascinating tale about how the USS Midway got its name.

Episode 2 

OPERATION FROSTBITE: The Cold War gets colder. The end of World War II saw the specter of global conflict loom. When America decided to test the nation’s Arctic warfare capabilities, Midway led the charge.

Episode 3

OPERATION SANDY: Sparking the space age on a flight deck. In 1947, a captured Nazi V-2 rocket was launched from Midway’s flight deck to test the feasibility of firing long-range missiles from ships at sea. It was a ‘heart in throat’ moment no one present would ever forget.

Episode 4

SURVIVING THE HANOI HILTON: A unique legacy of courage. In their own words, the story of four remarkable men representing the 179 naval aviator prisoners of war during the Vietnam War who fought bravely and endured captivity in defense of their nation.

Episode 5

THE MONTH OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY: From ripcord to rescue. Navy fighter pilot Paul Ilg’s world went from ordinary to extraordinary when a Vietnam combat mission became a test in sheer survival. His comrades aboard Midway would somehow find a way to provide this story with a proper ending.

Episode 6

INSIDE OPERATION FREQUENT WIND: With those who lived the legend. Midway played a leading role in the amazing operation that saved thousands of people at the end of the Vietnam War. Navy Capt. Lawrence Chambers, Midway’s commanding officer, and those he rescued remember the dramatic day that changed their lives forever.

United Stories of America is sponsored by World of Warships.

You can see all these engaging episodes here: https://www.midway.org/stories/

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