Nearly 2,200 “Top Gun” movie fans plunked down their beach and lawn chairs on the flight deck of the USS Midway Museum to watch the classic film’s sequel “Top Gun: Maverick” over Memorial Day weekend. Decked out in flight suits, flight jackets and all types of Top Gun attire, the “need for speed” party goers once again reveled in this cinema tribute to naval aviation that makes for one of San Diego’s best movie-night events of the year. 

Here’s just a taste of what the “you can be my wingman anytime” crowd thought of movie night on Midway:

“Everything about the event was amazing! The movie was phenomenal, and the atmosphere aboard the USS Midway was so much fun. I loved the photo ops and the dog tags that I got at the door. Will 100% come again.”

“The venue and event blew my mind! We had never been there before the movie night, and choosing Top Gun was the perfect fit. The gorgeous sunset, the flyover, and the military jets from the movie parked in front of us! Wow!”

Top Gun superfan, John Merritt, attends movie night each year in full flight gear.
Evan Ferrante, a.k.a. Maverick, and Moose wowed the crowd during Top Gun Movie Night.

“Love that it was all ages. Happy to bring our kids and happy to see so many others there as well. The fly over was great and it was a beautiful evening! So thanks to whoever ordered the sunset. We had a really great time all around.”

“We loved being outdoors on the deck. We are huge fans of both movies Top Gun and Maverick and try to come to this event often. We drive in from Los Angeles. The fly over was a nice surprise. Everyone that worked there was so nice and helpful as well.”

“The atmosphere was incredible. Being in the historic middle of naval aviation to view this film ties the whole naval aviation story together somewhat seamlessly. Being on the flight deck of the carrier at sunset didn’t hurt either.”

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