With the shining voice of freedom, the USS Midway Museum’s new up and over lights are once again beaming brightly over San Diego Bay.

Stretching from stern to bow, and rising high above a flattop’s island super structure, up and over lights have long been a fixture for aircraft carriers when in port to enhance the ship’s visual silhouette at night during special occasions. Permanently moored at Navy Pier, Midway’s decorative lights have been illuminating the city’s waterfront for nearly two decades.

“The tradition of hanging up and overs on maritime ships is to celebrate significant holidays and special occasions and events,” said Len Santiago, Midway’s chief engineer. “For us on Midway, it’s important that we celebrate this naval tradition every day.”

Unfortunately, time and weather took its toll on the museum’s original lighting strand over the years, so new lights were recently installed. Using advanced LED lights, the new bulbs are waterproof, unbreakable and long lasting with a lifespan of up to 35,000 hours.

With the cables and lights weighing a combined 500 pounds, it took Midway’s engineering department nearly three months to prepare and install the modern strands. The dazzling new red, white and blue lights are now easily seen and enjoyed by all those living around and visiting San Diego Bay.

“We want our lights to help to celebrate the rewards of our freedom every day,” said Len. “From those who have served on Midway, and all who have worn the uniform of the Navy, we want everyone to know that Midway is still the best looking ship in the fleet.”

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