Greetings from the flight deck of Midway, where we are rounding the turn on the pandemic, our amazing volunteers are reporting back for duty, and we’re beginning to reopen more and more of the ship in hopes of a great summer season.

If you are reading this edition online, I want to personally thank you for your support and cooperation in allowing us to transition from a printed version of Currents, to the new online format. We have been publishing our magazine since the fall of 2004, the year we opened, and this is our first attempt to move into the digital age with our periodical. 

I started getting my copy of the morning newspaper online several years ago, and it was difficult at first, not opening up the paper and combing through the sections to catch up on the news. Now, I’ve gotten used to opening my San Diego Union-Tribune app on my phone daily and scrolling through the news and it seems very natural. My hope is that you are able to stay with us online, just as you have for years with our printed version.

For those of you reading Currents in printed form, we have decided to send out a limited number of printed copies to our faithful members who don’t have email addresses or access to a computer. I have to share with you that a traditional business would have simply scrapped the paper, and gone online with Currents, and we considered that cost-savings option. 

However, in the end, your Membership Director, Jill Hammons, made a sincere plea on your behalf to make the investment and continue a limited printing of our magazine. We are hoping that by making this decision, we can continue to support ALL of our members. We are grateful for those members who have computer access and can make this change, and equally indebted to those who love the Midway but can’t go online. 

As you might imagine, the line of demarcation between these two groups might have something to do with our members’ age, but we feel that our younger and older members are equally important and deserve our support. 

So let’s all get ready to “recommission” our ship and keep it open to the public. It’s been a rough year, but the Midway Magic is back on display for our guests and we hope to see you all aboard soon. 

Onward and upward,

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