Greetings from the flight deck of the USS Midway. The holidays this past year were much more festive than in 2020, and we are all excited about an even better 2022. We’re also looking forward to celebrating the centennial of the U.S. Navy’s aircraft carrier this year. 

It was in 1922 that the USS Langley (CV-1) was commissioned as America’s first aircraft carrier, and the Midway stands today as a testament to the industrial genius and progress of democracy over the past century. The Navy will be sponsoring celebrations across the country for the occasion and I’m sure Midway will play a central role in that endeavor.

I want to thank all of our volunteers, members and supporters for helping Midway continue to successfully navigate the COVID storm. As we start to moving in a more positive direction, I’d like to make sure that all of our “crew” knows just how we did during the pandemic, and I would offer the following for your edification:

– We are in as strong a financial position now as we were going into the pandemic. While our business was shut down, our financial investments did very well during the stock market run up.

– Our staff is very strong. While we were forced to downsize, the outstanding new crew we’re hiring is amongst the best.

– Our volunteers returned to us nearly 100 percent, and we have resumed a full operating schedule thanks to them. None of them look a day older!

– Our education team built an online education program while we were closed, and is now returning to their onboard programs and the Snooze Crewz sleepover program resumed in January.

– Our events team has been completely rebuilt with a group of very experienced and talented leaders from the San Diego hospitality industry…better than ever!

Finally, we’ve begun to quietly finalize the plans for the development of our park on Navy Pier. We will be able to maintain adequate parking as we build the largest veterans park on the West Coast of America. Stand by for details…it’s going to be an exciting year for Midway. 

Onward and upward,

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