I hope you all had a joyous  holiday season with your friends and loved ones, and that this new year brings a renewed energy and excitement for the future. 

As we inch towards our museum’s 20th anniversary next year, we continue to be busier than ever. I was recently reading an article about the phrase “never a dull moment” and learned its origin is credited to the British Royal Navy in the 1930s. It was no surprise to me that a naval service would be responsible for a phrase that is so true of life on board Midway today. 

In this issue you will read about some of the incredible preservation and restoration projects, as well as enhancements programs that keep our crew busy. Midway is also always alive with new guests visiting from around the world, new members joining our family, and Midway veteran’s returning to once again see their former home. Each new day continues to be a wonderful adventure thanks to the people, programs and memories that fill our nearly 80-year-old aircraft carrier, and I believe the best is yet to come.

This month, we are thrilled to put a spotlight on you, our members, during Member Appreciation Week. While occasions like this are a great opportunity to thank you, we hope you know that we have gratitude for you every day. Your support and love for Midway continues to inspire us and move us towards a bright future. Whether you are attending a member event, bringing your out-of-town guests for a tour, or simply calling us to say hello, we appreciate the value all of you bring to our Midway family. 

Cheers to a memorable year ahead and best wishes to you all!

All the Best,

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