For nearly 20 years, you have heard about a park that will be built someday on Navy Pier. Well, that someday is here. 

In March, the Port of San Diego and USS Midway Museum will begin the next phase of this massive project, ultimately resulting in the opening of Freedom Park at Navy Pier.  Before the park can be constructed, however, there’s a large building on the pier that needs to be demolished.

Built seemingly to last forever, Building 11 is an enormous three-story, 1 million square-foot structure and has taken up approximately one third of the pier for nearly a century. Razing the building will  not be quick nor easy.  

Due to construction practices at the time it was erected, Building 11 contains asbestos. Thus, the early part of the demolition phase will include months of hazardous material abatement. Once the building is carefully cleared of asbestos, it will be taken down through a specialized demolition process that will not only ensure the museum remains open, but that the area around Navy Pier is safe. The entire abatement and demolition process could take up to 12 months to complete.

Once Building 11 is gone, the new view of Midway and San Diego Bay from Harbor Drive will be awesome. By early 2025, we’re excited to actually start building the park.

Our capital campaign committee and board members continue their efforts to secure the nearly $40 million needed to complete the project. Major fundraising efforts will commence with demolition, as the promise of a park has finally arrived.

There will be several opportunities to leave a legacy at Freedom Park that we will announce later this year. We strongly believe this is a community effort that will honor our veterans and celebrate our freedoms as a nation. 

Please feel free to reach out to me to learn more about this incredible project. Your support all these years has made it possible. 

Here’s to wishing that 2024 bring us all good health, happiness, and a smooth demolition. Bring on the wrecking ball!

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