WOW. Just WOW. SO much change! We have ALL experienced a pandemic of epic proportion. We have watched our world shut down and open up. Then repeat. And again.

Quiet freeways, home schooling, toilet paper rationing, and a run on wine quickly became the norm. Our televisions are full of serious jam-packed hospital scenes and nightly reports of worrisome sickness spread. We see people biking and hiking on trails, all masked and 6 feet apart. We are fluent in a new language with words like contactless, pandemic, curbside, telehealth, COVID, quarantine, virtual, asymptomatic, and that word previously only used to describe a very fast car: Zoom.

So much belt-tightening. So much uncertainty. But what I can continue to count on remaining steady — is YOU! You, my Midway Members, are the most caring people I have ever met. I may not know each and every single one of you, but I certainly know your hearts. Your passion in believing our most important responsibility is to ensure YOUR USS Midway Museum continues to successfully serve the public as the finest naval ship museum in the world, touches me deeply, and frankly brings me to tears more often than not. You love this mighty ship and all that she stands for.

That you believe in us and in this museum is wonderful. And, when the going gets tough, guess what? You stay! You are devoted and passionate and dedicated even when hard decisions are made that may be unpleasant. You fiercely care to keep this ship afloat and you continue to remain an active member. You absolutely know that we care for you, and that you feel involved and valued. We all feel like family. You are our advocates and biggest ambassadors. You are the backbone of this museum and we love you for it!

As a world, we are all focusing on the day we can come together and embrace our friends and family. As a museum, we are eagerly looking forward to opening up more and more of the ship. As staff and volunteers, we are all aiming for the day when loads of happy guests and giddy, giggly school children come back on board. We cannot wait for the serpentine line to Harbor Drive of excited visitors forms once again.

And, boy oh boy, we are all standing by to recreate fantastic memories like the patriotic Veterans Day Parade and Legacy Week. You have been contacting me, rooting for day we can throw our fabulous Steel Beach Party (Psst, maybe in October). We are so ready to put on the super-successful “Live the Adventure Series” and exciting July 4th celebrations. And last but not least, the Holiday Parade of Lights weekends and our sold-out spectacular Gala. WOOHOO. I. Just. Can’t. Wait!

With humble gratitude,

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